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Osorno was founded in 1558 by the Spanish governor García Hurtado de Mendoza and the economy is based largely on stockbreeding and farming. The Municipal Historic Museum is a fantastically restored place to review the history of the city and exhibitions about Mapuche culture, the origins of the city, and the history associated with German colonization. The aim of Osorno is being recognized as a "city park". The most important of them is Chuyaca Park, located on the banks of Damas River

Located a little bit more than 80 km from Osorno, through the international route 215, Puyehue National Park is one of the protected areas of the country that receives the most visitors during the year. This is due to the excellent road connectivity towards the attractive region and to its great variety of tourists. lt is a perfect place for those who love natural adventures and the activities found in nature. They are in the area of Anticura (4km from Samoré